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Kayleigh is a lifetime writer. Her first story, Mike the Robber was a smash hit in her household when she was five years old.

Kayleigh received her MA in Public Issues Anthropology, in the area of design and marketing research methods from the University of Waterloo. She has been studying new media since 2005, and her interests range from online communication and social networks to the cyberworld culture, and online voyeurism.

Kayleigh planned to be a professor, but fell in love with corporate communications when she realized she could help others understand new mediums to improve their businesses and lives. She worked in corporate communications for nine years before recently taking a break to pursue her passion of writing fiction. Today, she balances a full-time job with writing.

She can be found online sharing her thoughts about books, food and her beloved cat.


Published by Kayleigh Platz

Kayleigh is an author and entrepreneur. She's passionate about books, exploring new worlds, and her cat.

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